Business Blog – How To

Having a blog for your business is important for a number of reasons. Not only can you use it to post information for your customers, you can also use it to drive audiences to your website, while at the same time keeping the site fresh and up to date!

Blogs don’t have to be very long to be effective. People also LOVE lists! For example, something you might consider doing:

3 Spring Fashion Trends 

      1. Distressed Jeans ($40)

        Distressed jeans continue to be all the rage this year! Snag yours now for just $40 in our online store! Click here to purchase! (You’ll be able to link text so customers can click and be taken to your online store.)
      2. Rompers ($35)

        Rompers became fashionable at the end of last season but this season, there are even more varieties to choose from!
      3. Accessories ($15-20)

        You can continue to list as many things as you would like, pushing products or describing services that you provide.

Your blog can really be what you want and what works for the needs of your company. You will have the ability to embed pictures and video, hyperlink to products and urls, and the link can then be copied and pasted into your social media accounts to drive people to your site.